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Played it.

Very nice feeling.

Thanks for making.

The opening scene was very pleasant!

I was playing on HP Reverb G2 and unfortunately the controls did not work so I could not continue. (I could not grab the flashlight).

If you would like to try and get controls working for G2, I'd be happy to test any builds you send my way and let you know if they're working for me.


We recently uploaded a new version of the game which fixed controllers problems for a variety of headsets. 

We did not test it on HP Reverb G2 so we would be happy to know if it works for you now, and of course, you can let us know how you enjoyed the game!


Hi! Unfortunately it still did not work. I've heard from many developers how much of a pain it is to set Reverb G2 controls. It is baffling to me that this is such an issue created by HP on the backend. Anyways, feel free to let me know of another update if you want me to test it, I'd be happy to, keep me posted :)

I did try making my own SteamVR binding by the way, but didn't have any luck with that either.


Funny and sweet, liked it a lot ! Congrats


Cool game short and sweet


Very cool idea game


Great work. I enjoyed this. It would have been nice to have more time to play with the guitar and other items as it seemed rude to do so when Diane was trying to tell her story.

Thanks for sharing.


We're happy you liked it, thanks for your review !


Same is nice


I hope someone volunteers to make English subtitles; I'd like to give this experience a go.


Hi, English subtitles are available! You can select "English" in the settings menu ("Paramètres" in French)


This game is so good! 😊
It's really fun to cook your marshmallows and play guitar while Diane is telling you stories!
And I didn't had any motion sickness even if I am usually sensible to that! 😲

Congratulations on your hard work!!!


Thanks a lot for these kind comments, Clara! We're glad you enjoyed the game!!