TCG, now fully understandable!


After some complaints about the game being too hard on a first play, I worked on this update that should make the experience a lot smoother. Here is the list of what happened to the game these last 24 hours:

- Full translation in French, and possibility to switch between the two languages anytime via the pause menu

- Replacement of the first level by a guided tutorial with instructions from Oddish

- Creation of a U-turn feature that allows to switch direction without loosing alignment

- Upgrade of the blinkers. They now blink in red when the player's heading towards the right track

- Adjustment of a small loop flaw on the music of level 3

- Some minor corrections that I forgot (y)

Thanks for the support, and please let me know if you find anything wrong in the game. I program it alone, and I couldn't have it tested before this new release, so chances are it's still quite flawed!


TCG Travelling Card Game 53 MB
Jan 13, 2020

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