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Let the lost Pokemon cards guide your dream, and enjoy the music-based visuals of these 9 secret worlds. 

[CAUTION!] Flashes and fast visual effects [!!!]

Arrow keys : Turn around

Space bar : Reset your position & skip tutorial

Esc/Return : Pause the game & teleport

Left Click : Hide the card

Right Click : Hide the blinkers

Scroll : Adjust the speed

Shift : U-turn

The blinkers show the paths you can take. They turn white when you align with the lost card (for example, having your horizontal blinkers white means you can stop searching horizontally) and turn red when you're about to align. Lights fade when you're too far. If you visit the same place twice, it won't look the same.

This game was first crafted in one week during the GDQ: One Mechanic Jam 2019 by Zeph (sound) and I (program). It was improved after the event ended. Special thanks to Peter Olthoff from Peer Play for his shader writing tutorials.

Full playthrough available here : 

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TagsAbstract, cards, Dreams, Experimental, kaleidoscope, lsd, pokemon, psychedelic, raymarch, synesthesia
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, French


TCG Travelling Card Game V2.zip 53 MB

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